Perfect Length


Select your t-shirt length for your size. Our height and size formula gives you the confidence to get the perfect t-shirt.

"The fabric is nice and soft and the size fits like a glove!"


"Easy to customize: select your height and size on their chart-and your perfect fit arrives!"


"They use your height and size to create the most amazing tee"


We Made it Easy to Find Your Perfect Fit

Your Height + Size = Your Bairefined Fit
Your Height

We use your height to measure your right t-shirt length. This length does not change based on size.

Your Size

We use your size to measure the width of your t-shirt.  The width of the t-shirt does not affect the length.

You have one complimentary exchange if you are not happy with our recommended fit.

Get The Fit You Want
Not All T-Shirts
Are Made The Same

Bairefined t-shirt is the simple tailor-made option that is custom to your body proportion giving you a t-shirt that is just the right length and the right size.

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