Why Clothing Sizes Is Not Fit For Everyone?

Do you fall in any of this t-shirt size category?

  • Your size is the in-between-sizes

  • T-shirt length is too long or too short

  • Arm hole is too loose or too tight

S, M, L does not fit me. And it does not fit a lot of people either.

A Ralph Lauren Medium size t-shirt for a guy who is 5ft (152cm) tall the same Ralph Lauren Medium size t-shirt for a guy who is 6 ft (182cm) tall. Even though these guys have the same body width, they have very different body length–This is why clothing sizes does not fit for everyone.

Luckily, there are clothing line companies out there that sell t-shirts with length and size options. One of them is Bairefined.

Bairefined is a men’s t-shirt brand that is obsessed with finding your perfect fit. They believe that the length of a t-shirt is as important as the size of a t-shirt. This is why they introduced the t-shirt length option in their t-shirt line.

To find your Bairefined t-shirt length and size, all you need to know is your height and your size. Then, they will provide you a t-shirt that is proportional to your body. The height determines your t-shirt length. Once you select your height, you have your t-shirt length. You can then select any size and the t-shirt length will not change. This means that if you are 5ft (152cm) tall and prefers to wear an Extra Large t-shirt, Bairefined will provide a t-shirt that fits perfectly to your body in length and width.

Here's a hint, Bairefined recommends a t-shirt length based on the height you provided to them. If you want a longer or shorter t-shirt, simply select the next height category taller or shorter. Find your perfect length t-shirt at


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