"There is hope for men searching for that perfect trio of length, size, and comfort, and that hope rests in Bairefined."


—Jesse Jernigan, The Manual

The two t-shirts below are the same size for different height.

T-shirt on the left



5' (152cm)



T-shirt on the right



6'2" (187.5cm)



Hi, I'm Rey.

There is a joke in my family that when I was born, everyone in my family could hold me in one hand because I was small. That smallness stayed with me. As I entered into my 20's the need to find the right fit for work, social, dating and everyday life became more important. After over a decade of painful "size" searching, I created Bairefined.

​What started off as a selfish hobby, has turned into a helping every small-big-wide-tall-skinny-round-square guy. Bairefined became every single one of them as it became me.

​All we need is your Height and Size. Simple as that – and it took a small guy to figure it out.

Shop here and no longer be the small-big-wide-tall-skinny-round-square guy. With Bairefined you simply just be you.

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