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Thank you for your support and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Due to the global pandemic: Covid-19, Bairefined will be on paused until further notice.

We believe in our core mission to bring our height and size formula to the apparel world. At this time, our team is working on a strategic plan to produce new apparel lines and services that will be equipped with safety and style post-pandemic.

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Wear Your Best Fit T-Shirt

Shop your perfect Bairefined t-shirt with height and size formula

We Use Height + Size Formula to Give The Perfect T-Shirt

Select your preferred t-shirt length from our height category. If you like a longer length t-shirt, select a taller height.


Select your preferred t-shirt width from our size category. If you like a wider width t-shirt, select a bigger size.

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The Modern Baggy

1 – Wider Shoulder Width

2 – Bigger Arm Hole

3 – Wider Neck Hole

4 – Wider Chest Width

Select a Bigger Size with your Height, for a wider t-shirt that is not too long.

Summer Tip:

Roll your sleeves for a new look

How to Properly Take Care of Your T-Shirt

T-Shirts with Height and Size Formula

Choose your height category and size for your perfect length and size t-shirt.

Your Height

We use your height to measure your preferred t-shirt length. This length does not change based on size.

Your Size

We use your size to measure your preferred t-shirt width. The width of the t-shirt does not affect the length.



"The fabric is nice and soft and the size fits like a glove!"



"Easy to customize: select your height and size on their chart-and your perfect fit arrives!"



"They use your height and size to create the most amazing tee"

You have one complimentary exchange if you are not happy with our recommended fit.

Get The Fit You Want

Not All T-Shirts
Are Made The Same

Bairefined t-shirt is the simple tailor-made option that is custom to your body proportion giving you a t-shirt that is just the right length and the right size.